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Since mid April our JOAD Archers have been shooting outdoors. Outdoor archery adds many new challenges: Our archers are learning to shoot at multiple distances. Currently depending on the archers age group, they must shoot between 20meters and 70meters. Eventually some of our archers will be shooting 90meters. Then to add to this challenge our Archers are learning to deal with mother nature. We have shot through rain, cold, and wind (gusting up to 20mph). Anyone interested learning more about JOAD archery or interested in just watching a bunch of wonderful kids enjoying a great shooting sport, feel free to stop by...JOAD practice Saturday mornings 10:00am to Noon.
A number of our archers will be representing RSC this summer atthe following tournaments: State of Michigan Championships (Clarkston,MI), JOAD Nationals (Downington, PA), Northern Indiana State
Championships (Rensselaer, IN), 125th US National Target Championship (Hamilton, OH) and MSU Fall Classic (MSU Campus). This group of athletes is representing RSC, locally (some through school
demonstrations), and across much of the united states at regional and national tournaments. It is amazing what the youth of RSC can and have accomplished.

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