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This gallery contains 169 pictures. There were thirty-four shooters for this shoot. The best way to understand this gallery is to consider it as thirty-four small galleries in one big gallery. I like to provide each shooter with a selection of pictures of their day of shooting. Oh, I forgot! This was the tenth anniversary of "Cowboy Action" shooting for the Rockford Regulators.
Thirty-four cowboys joined us for the October shoot.Posse #1  (Posse Marshal, Case Harden)Posse #2 (Posse Marshal, Deuce Stevens?)Lue Dee KrissCrazy Nate (L) & Split Aces (R)Andy HorsehurodinonWest Virginia SlimJohnny Bing-GoDeacon PatHappy KillmorehOOt HamiltonHarmonicaGunslingerChubby JohnsonTucson StuDakota FatsBullwhip KarlGunner GatlinCase Harden